VinylStudio for Windows

VinylStudio for Windows 7.5.6

Vinyl and Cassette Transfer Tool

VinylStudio for Windows is a perfect tool for reliving your old music collection of LPs and cassette tapes. Don't throw your cassette tapes and LPs away.

You can digitize their content with the help of this tool. Save your precious music collection and be able to listen to them on your iPod, iTunes and other media players.

Hook up your tape decks and turntables to your computer and digitize music with the help of VinylStudio for Windows. The program digitizes and copies your music so you can save it in high-quality MP3 or WAV formats.

Create a copy of your tunes in a CD with the program's built-in CD burner. Other amazing things that VinylStudio for Windows can do to your digitzed music files include automatic naming and tag support and automatic trackbreak detection that cuts your music according to the number of tracks in your LP or cassette tape.

VinylStudio for Windows is an excellent program to save you money from buying CDs or digital albums of your favorite old songs on LP and cassette tape.

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VinylStudio for Windows


VinylStudio for Windows 7.5.6